Enhancing technology with digital accessibility.

For an inclusive digital experience that meets global accessibility standards.
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Accessibility Compliance
Accessibility Knowledge
Accessible Design & Development
Accessibility, Usability & Equity
Accessibility Compliance
Accessibility Knowledge
Accessible Design & Development
Accessibility, Usability & Equity
Accessibility Compliance
Accessibility Knowledge
Accessible Design & Development
Accessibility, Usability & Equity

Can all your customers, including those with disabilities, easily browse, shop, pay, make reservations, and book appointments online?

Do your web / apps, technology, products, services and environments follow inclusive design, global accessibility standards and legal requirements?

How well accessibility is integrated in your customer service, procurement processes, talent experience, and organizational culture?

Digital accessibility in your organization

Digital accessibility is always at the heart of our work, yet we understand that to excel through genuinely human-centered digital transformation our clients need more than that. That is why we offer a systemic and sustainable way to integrate accessibility through public and private sector organizations.

We offer accessibility compliance, accessibility knowledge and culture, and accessible design and development.

The European Web Accessibility Directive (WAD) and the European Accessibility Act (EAA) are key legal frameworks within the European Union (EU) aimed at promoting and ensuring accessibility standards.

We assist both public and private sector organizations in navigating these regulations and implementing accessibility best practices.

Compliance services include:

Enhance accessibility knowledge and expertise, gain buy-in for accessibility, make accessibility part of your organizational culture.

This service is designed to start your accessibility journey from understanding the most relevant accessibility questions and then learning how to solve them.

Knowledge & Culture services include:

Our team is ready to assist you in developing accessible digital products, services, and environments from the ground up.

We have a deep understanding of accessibility standards, including the European Norm EN 301 549 (which aligns with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)), as well as industry best practices. We maintain close collaboration with disability community and work with testing specialists who have disabilities themselves.

Design & Development services include:

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Who we are

June / Karlove team helps private and public sector organizations to optimize for digital accessibility. Which in turn opens-up new possibilities, drives accessibility compliance, and delivers cutting-edge user experience.

We bridge design, development, UI/ UX, content production and the latest digital accessibility knowledge and requirements for more inclusive digital world.

Indre Karlove

Managing Founder

Vita June

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Digital accessibility, WCAG compliance / Quality control for blind user experience

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Linguist / Easy-to-Read and Plain Language expert / Lecturer

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Copywriting and text editing/
Plain Language

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Brand mood videos /
DOP, camera

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Complex digital & IT solutions. Together with Webmobix team.


We are honored to collaborate and gain invaluable insights from accessibility specialists at the Lithuanian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted (LASS).

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