Full-Spectrum Accessibility Services

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Enhance the inclusivity of your digital platform with our digital accessibility services. Our offerings cover the entire spectrum, from evaluating accessibility and conducting research, fixing errors and preparing the necessary documentation, and all the way to the accessibility certification.
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Accessibility at the Core

We believe that accessibility is a fundamental aspect of any digital platform. Instead of costly add-ons to address accessibility issues, we construct accessible digital platforms from the ground up, and we're equally adept at transforming existing ones to meet both national and international requirements.

User-Centric Approach

We combine expertise, innovation, and user collaboration to craft accessible digital spaces that surpass mere compliance. Our close partnership with individuals with disabilities validates accessibility, guaranteeing that your digital content adheres to the highest usability standards.

Full-Spectrum Accessibility Services

Certificate badge: Created according to Inclusive Design and Accessibility principles.Certificate badge: Evaluated EN 301 549 Accessibility Conformance

Our digital accessibility services is a comprehensive journey to ensure your digital platform becomes an exemplar of accessibility. We offer a flexible approach tailored to your specific needs, whether you're starting from scratch or improving an existing digital platform. The process typically includes the following key steps.

Clients opt for our accessibility services because we:

Craft and transform digital platforms based on genuine user-centered design principles and an open, adaptive process.

Assist in reducing expenses by eliminating the need for costly annual subscriptions to unsustainable solutions.

Subject each platform to rigorous testing by digital accessibility experts, some of whom have disabilities, customizing the user experience for the actual end-users.

Provide continuous support and guidance, fostering a long-term partnership for ongoing accessibility improvements.

Success in their own words

Client testimonials

A website mockup that we designed and developed for Berenice Boxler's project "Being Mindful".

"I have been working with June / Karlove for some years now on the design of a completely new website and further on creating more value through implementing the European Norm EN 301 549 requirements to my website.

As a mindfulness teacher, I want to express my purpose of being of service to people and providing useful and accessible input. Vita and her colleagues are helping me perfectly in bringing this into the open with their care, their impeccable technical and design support and their openness to creative solutions and individual preferences. Their friendliness and reliability give me a feeling of being in very good hands and being seen."

Berenice Boxler

Mindfulness teacher

Digital accessibility advantages

Accessibility advantage

Uncover new markets and gain a competitive advantage

With a vast accessibility market comprising 1.85 billion people (equivalent to the combined populations of China and the EU) and the potential to reach an additional 3.4 billion friends and family, wielding over $13 trillion in annual disposable income, the business potential is immense. Furthermore, as regulations for digital accessibility grow more stringent, businesses that prioritize website accessibility gain a critical edge.

By embracing accessibility and enhancing the usability of your platform, you ensure your digital presence remains relevant and in tune with the ever-growing market, setting the stage for long-term success.

A woman wearing sunglasses and headphones sits on a bench outside with a laptop on her lap
An elderly couple using a laptop in a coffee shop
Accessibility advantage

Enhance user experience and drive innovation

Digital accessibility serves as a dynamic catalyst for elevating user experiences and igniting innovation. By ensuring your digital platforms are accessible, you're nurturing a user-centric environment that thrives on inclusive design and creative problem-solving.

Embracing accessibility not only expands your reach to diverse audiences but also sets the stage for new ideas that enhance the user experience. It's a transformative journey toward innovation and heightened user satisfaction.

Accessibility advantage

Comply with mandatory EU and national legal standards

Ensuring digital accessibility isn't just a good practice, it's a legal requirement, especially in the EU and various national jurisdictions. The Web Accessibility Directive (WAD) mandates that public sector websites and mobile apps meet specific accessibility standards, and it's crucial to comply. Additionally, the EN 301 549 standard, developed to support the WAD, and the forthcoming European Accessibility Act (EAA), fully applicable to the private sector in 2025, emphasize the importance of accessibility compliance.

Being prepared to meet these standards is essential to avoid legal issues and comply with the law.

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Team meeting in a conference room. A woman participates by adding sticky notes to the board.
Accessibility advantage

Strengthen brand value, social impact and the DEI effort

By placing digital accessibility at the forefront of your organization, you boost brand value, social impact, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) endeavors. This demonstrates your commitment to equal access, strengthening your brand's reputation and aligning your business with societal values.

The result? A more diverse customer base, increased goodwill, improved profitability, and a more inclusive digital world. It's a win-win all around.


We are honored to collaborate and gain invaluable insights from accessibility specialists at the Lithuanian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted (LASS).

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